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1st recording that I’ve ever posted in the web.

Tried my lappies sound recorder —- love the details, it records super clear and clean.

And this is why. :)

Sorry for my tired voice. I hope someone will like it. :))

Destiny, Fate and Coincidence

"If Tom had learned anything… it was that you can’t ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence. That’s all anything ever is. Nothing more than coincidence.”

As much as possible, I don’t want to post a blog or anything about my feelings. I just can’t help it. Damn.

This is one of those moments, moment where I know where this feeling will lead me to. I keep on being pushy and imaginative where I hurt myself really bad in the end. Am I being a masochist?

Ok, so…I’ve been thinking a lot recently. As in LOTS OF NONSENSICAL THINGS with a person (still unsure who is he, I HAVEN’T MET HIM yet) — but these things are the things that I want to happen in my life. Things that bring joys within me — at night, in the office, while I’m walking my way to the terminal and back. Sure there are lots of people, but these thoughts in my mind, they make me feel that the roads’ eyes are focus on me. I feel like I’m the star. And the leading man? I hope (and everyday praying) that I would bump into him anytime. This happens everyday…

But back into reality…there is this someone. Hm, I mean, there are about two guys or more? One is so close, the other is soooo far, and the last is the one I just recently noticed.

Sometimes, it’s just ridiculous. I would notice a guy and I know the complications it will bring if I continue to like him but I cant…I just can’t take my eyes off him. The future will point at this other guy BUT I JUST CANT FEEL HIM. Yes, he talks a lot about (our) future and stuffs but the day ends with just that. I don’t feel anything. And there’s the last one who makes me happy with complicated status and unsure if he likes me — he treats all girls the same. People are hard-headed and I’m one of the big chunk of them. I mean, destiny, fate, coincidence, WHERE ARE YOU?

I need the three of you before I go with someone who isn’t for me.

But that’s impossible, right?

Sure this is life. You will never know the answer until you risk something dear to you. That’s all about it. Then Destiny, Fate and Coincidence will stop you and lead you to what you deserve, after all the happiness, hurt and loneliness.

It’s simply because someone up there knows that there is something bigger than these things, and it’s all JUST FOR YOU.


Release date in the Phil: JANUARY 2010

i WANT this. A Christmas present? Maybe not. Old enough to save up and buy one. =(

A Birthday-Present-for-Yourself? Could be.

That will be on March 2010. Tagal pa… Want it badly now! Grrr.

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